MCCF 25th Anniversary Community Fund

The Marshall County Community Foundation is launching a 25th Anniversary Fund to elevate our ability to be responsive and active leaders on community issues.

This fund will honor those whose vision and dedication built the Foundation into the strong organization it is today- and be an investment in our community's collective future. For this special fund, we are focusing on unrestricted funds. These are the most flexible and responsive in addressing current and emerging needs. Unrestricted funds support the semi-annual competitive grant rounds and will be available to help future generations address the issues they face in our community.

At the Foundation, we plan and invest for the future. For 25 years now, Marshall County Community Foundation donors have been changing lives with gifts - big and small. Every donation to the Foundation adds up. Your gift to the 25th Anniversary Fund, combined with others and invested over time, will make a difference. The generous support of neighbors like you ensures the future of the Foundation and that our work as a community catalyst - inspiring ideas and igniting action - continues to improve the quality of life in Marshall County far into the future. 

You do not have to break the bank to feel like a million bucks. 

Contact Marshall County Community Foundation
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2701 North Michigan St
Plymouth, Indiana 46563
Kaitlyn Heckaman
Dr. Don & Sharon Balka
Angela Rupchock-Schafer

 $ 3,768.10
Funding type:Donation

This project will receive all of the funds Donated by 4099-08-12.

Marshall County Community Foundation
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